My range consists of Organic & Mineral hair colour and Angel hair care products.

Having used this colour system since 2015, I have complete faith in its ability to produce great natural looking colour, even on 100 % grey hair.


A long lasting colour that grows out seamlessly, giving your colour more longevity.Your hair and scalp will feel fantastic, no need for harsh chemicals to achieve great colour and shine.

For blonde hair, seaweed hair lightener containing,Aloe Vera,Avocado and essential oils, this is a gentle alternative to ordinary bleach.It is odourless and pure, leaving your hair full of vitality.A good choice for fragile hair.


Angel Hair Care

Angel En Provence was born in France packed with natural and 89% Organic ingredients.It has pure goodness and strengthening properties packed with nutrition for every hair type. To ensure the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair, a complementary test will be given.